Clay Bank Top to Rosedale Head  

I stopped for twenty minutes before setting off.  Maggie would stay with the car and she was not best pleased about that.  She did however fall straight asleep when put in her bed.  I made the climb up to Urra Moor, following the obvious paths and causeways before joining the estate road that would take me to Bloworth Crossing.  I half expected to see people in the distance, but there was no one.  I had refilled my water bottle, changed my tee-shirt, was feeling comfortable and made good progress.  Forearmed with memories from the C2C, I knew how this section could play on the mind and this time it was much better. 

By the time I reached Bloworth Crossing I could see some of the slower members of the Bacon Butty Crew.  They remained ahead of me for most of the railway as it twisted it’s way around the head of Farndale, but I was constantly making ground.  Eventually I passed them on the railway’s straight section and then the rest of the group as they stopped to consult the map and decide whether to cut across Flat Howe.  My mind was already made up, and on the railway I had seen two silhouettes cutting across the moor. 

I followed their tracks over a narrow and sometimes muddy track following the occasional boundary stone.  I was curious to see that the first of these fairly innocuous stones, the one nearest to the railway had been toppled and could not be seen from the railway itself.  I wondered whether this was a deliberate attempt to obscure the start of this path.  Anyway the way ahead was still obvious and regularly marked with small cairns.  I don’t believe that the Bacon Butty Crew followed me.  If they had I would have seen them behind me.

I continued along the path, veering to the left ant one point before joining a better track and emerging onto the road to Rosedale Head Ridge near the Old Margery memorial.  There was now a half mile walk along the road to Ralph Cross and my next stop.  I could see our red car waiting. 

Half way along another car stopped and asked me if I was doing the C2C.  I replied that I was doing the LWW instead.  Next they asked me where it started.  It turned out that two of it’s occupants were doing C2C, but had been delayed because of the very hot days the previous week.  They were aiming to finish their walk that day and were hoping to follow the more direct LWW.  I pointed them at Ralph Cross where I again caught up with them.  Luckily the Bacon Butty Crew’s support team were also there and they gave them some spare printouts of the route.  Myself, I enjoyed another cup of tea and a bit of food.  It was at that stage that I first saw the ever so slightly surreal Poynton High School group.  Chris and Ollie had met their support team at Clay Bank, including a minibus pulling a trailer, and I must have bypassed them by taking the path over Flat Howe.  They made their way from The Lion Inn along the road, with teachers in High Vis’ jackets at either end of the group.  I’m not really knocking this, I’m glad they did it, but never the less it led to a wry smile.  They passed us and continued along the road to another stop a mile further on, where the jackets were removed in readiness for the next moor section.