Rosedale Head to Hamer House  

I set off after Poynton and followed them down the road.  Ollie finished his bacon butty and they passed me looking at Fat Betty.  There were several nutty bars and sweets on it, but all looking a bit dishevelled.  I’m told that after driving to Rosedale my support party found a café, which, knowing it’s market, had opened at 8:30 and was packed.  There was plenty of time for a second bacon sandwich, this time with an egg.  Chris had coffee and a croissant. 

Half a mile past Fat Betty, just past the turning to Fryup, I turned left off the road.  I was only a few hundred yards behind Poynton, and behind them were the C2Cers.  The way was immediately peaty and a bit soft but not desperately so.  I caught up with and walked a short while with the C2Cers.  They were both in their seventies and were doing the C2C for, if I remember correctly, the third time.  They had struggled in the heat and therefore had lost a couple of days from their schedule.  Carrying on I started to pass a few of the students who were having a bit more trouble with the peat than I was.  The path shifted to the east then slowly descended to an obviously boggy area covered with reeds.  At that point Poynton stopped and I passed the group being briefed by their leader about the bog they were just about to pass through.  I carried on, noticing two men to my left with two black spaniels.  I followed a path of flattened reeds and was able to make quite quick progress with our two paths quietly merging.  The only problem was a particularly wet section where the ground was bouncing underfoot.  I was leading the way with the said two men just behind.  I was nearly across when the surface gave way and my left leg sunk in up to the knee.  It was mainly water, rather than mud, so I was able to scramble out quickly and make final yard to the dry ground. 

The remainder of the path across this section was okay.  There was the odd dip down and up at a stream, but generally the path was good to walk on and obvious to follow.  It was also quite wide.  Ahead of me the moors rolled on and I got up a fair pace.  I had some more chat with the men and it became embarrassingly obvious that they were the Other Voices from earlier on.  They didn’t recognise me because I had changed clothes, hat and didn’t have a dog.  I assumed they were different because of precisely the opposite reason - they did have dogs.  It had also been dark when we last met!  They had picked the dogs up at their last rest stop at Rosedale and would be walking them as far as Fylingdales.  I pressed on and was possibly becoming obsessed with keeping the pace up.  I reached Shunner Howe, with my first view of the Fylingdales EWS pyramid, and marched on along the dry wide track towards the checkpoint at the next road.  This was my first (and last) navigational error and thankfully not a bad one.  The track veered away south from the boundary stones, and reached the road about 300 yards away from the parking place with the support vehicles.  The mistake was easily rectified and I was able to get another drink, eat lunch, refill my water and, as planned, change my socks. 

The Poynton and Bacon Butty Crew support teams were also there and a good camaraderie was developing.  During my 25 minutes break the Other Voices and C2Cers passed through without stopping and the Poynton students rolled in for their next break.  They had deliberating worn trainers for the last section and started to change back into boots.