Jugger Howes to Beacon Howes  

I didn’t stop long.  The Other Voices didn’t stop at all!  (no I'm not schizophrenic) I had a quick drink of water, swilled my face and took my rucksack off.  I exchanged a few words with the Poynton driver, confirmed the next meeting place with Chris, then crossed the A road to the final moor, Stony Marl Moor.  The mast loomed ahead and the track was wide and obvious, with others joining from the side.  I was, again gaining on the Other Voices, but I didn’t want to gatecrash their party, so I hung back a bit.  Eventually, after a very long ten minutes, I made the final climb up the slope to the Lyke Wake Stone.  The walk was over.  I exchanged congratulations with the Other Voices; then we went our separate ways.  It was 17:10.  I had taken just less than 15 hours.

My next destination was a very comfortable camping chair where I sat for a while, cooling down and rehydrating.  It would have been nice to get an immediate sense of accomplishment, but it wasn’t there – that would come later.  All I knew was that I ached and now my eyes were distractingly sore. 

After ten minutes rest I changed out of my walking clothes to a cleaner, fresher set and we all agreed that the next stop would be the pub.  We headed to The Flask Inn, which was starting to get busy with early evening meals.  I ate my meal and celebrated with a pint of Theakstons, however the fact was that I was just plain tired.  The drive back home took us through Scarborough to the A64.  I sat in the back.  On the York by-pass a very rare event happened – I fell asleep in a car, a very peaceful sleep.